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Expert Marketing- Get your house sold quickly for the best price

When selling your house, in order to get the most offers, you need as much exposure as possible.
I have a massive network, both on social media and in person, to get as many eyes on your property as possible. The more people that see and fall in love with your house- the more offers it will get. In this market, it is not uncommon to get multiple offers and have buyers bidding against each other for the highest and best offer. You need an agent that knows how to get this done. Roughly 96% of all house searches start online- it's imperative that you have an online presence. Throwing it on Zillow it not going to cut it. Zillow FSBO is a feeding ground for listing agents and investors, if you want to sell your house to an end user and make the most money, you must list with a Realtor with the right connections. I will directly market your property to everyone searching for and only allow qualified buyers, so no one's time is wasted. Times are changing, don't be stuck in the past with an old Realtor that pays someone else to check their emails because they don't know how to use a computer.

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