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Does your house some need work? Or do you just want to sell fast and hassle-free?


* We can close quickly on your schedule, sometimes as quickly as week
* Cash in hand, get an offer on-the-spot
* No repairs needed, we buy As-Is
* Facing foreclosure? Recent divorce? In probate? No problem
* No Realtor commissions

* No random people shuffling through your house at all times of the day

* Get it done, get out, and get on with your life

There are three main selling points to every property: condition, price, and location. If your house needs some work or is in a state of disrepair- it will have a more difficult time selling on the market. Most home buyers today are looking for move-in ready homes. This can cause major headaches if your property isn't in pristine condition. Retail buyers will most likely ask for repairs, push out closing deadlines, haggle over the price, and in the end, the property may not even qualify for financing, or appraise for the price you'd like.
By that time (traditional financing usually takes anywhere from 30-60 days), your property has been off the market and you've been paying holding costs. Now you have to start the process all over with new buyers.

That's no fun! We have a better solution--

I work closely with a team of local cash buyers, which means we have the ability to buy your house quickly for cash, without dealing with banks or mortgages, buyer's agents, or the public. We focus on buying houses to remodel and sell or rent, like you see on those renovation shows on HGTV. So you won’t have to do any repairs, we buy as-is and do all the work for you.

Don't have a house, but know of someone that could use our services?

The more houses you tell us about, the more deals we can close, and the more people we can help.

Karma has a way of rewarding good deeds.

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