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Ways to Make Money with Kris



Driver Bonuses

Sign up to drive with Uber and get $100-$500 (depending on city) after 20 rides.

Lyft drivers can still earn a $500 bonus when they sign up with Uber
Click the links above or download the app and use the code:

Ride Discounts

Get your first Uber ride free (value amounts vary by location) when you sign up as a passenger

Click the link above or download the app and use the code: kristenm3958ue

We pay cash for referrals

We are constantly on the look out for good deals.

Check out the We Buy Houses page for more details.

Know of someone that could use our services?

The more houses you tell us about, the more deals we can close, and the more people we can help.

Karma has a way of rewarding your good deeds.

What are we looking for?

Houses that:

  • Are vacant

  • Distressed

  • Abandoned

  • Underwater (meaning it's worth less than what's owed, not literally under water)

  • For Sale by Owner

  • Need work

  • In the Tampa Bay area (preferably Pinellas county, generally not south St Pete)

People who:

  • Need to sell quickly

  • Are facing foreclosure

  • Inherited a house they don't want

  • Out of state owners

  • Tired landlords

  • Tried to sell, but couldn't

  • Don't want to pay Realtor fees nor have strangers walking through their house

If you find it- TELL US ABOUT IT!

Even if all you have is an address, let us know. We can look up the rest!

Also be sure to note, that if you are looking to buy or sell a house yourself- I can definitely help you with that as well. Even if you are moving out of state.

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